AdFrontiers by J Carter Marketing reaches over 100 million users on Desktop and Mobile display. AdFrontiers is a proprietary SSP technology connecting publishers with advertisers. Designed with publisher needs in mind, AdFrontiers has been developed and nurtured for the past 10 years. AdFrontiers facilitates rapid campaign deployment, data collection, and complete transparency.

Publishers experience a user-friendly platform and dedicated account managers with J Carter Marketing. AdFrontiers gives publishers the ability to set price floors and monitor their daily revenues. Users have the ability to navigate and run reports for analysis to meet their unique needs. The AdFrontiers technology evolves with publishers needs in mind.

Publisher pricing options include flat rate CPM, Dynamic CPM, Header Bidding and Open Marketplace.

The J Carter Marketing Advantage

J Carter Marketing engages with the world's top brands. Approximately 85% of the web's online ad buyers look to J Carter Marketing for quality impressions on AdFrontiers. In addition to US desktop and mobile traffic, J Carter Marketing reaches many countries and delivers on a global front. Since 2002, J Carter Marketing has facilitated the selling of high value inventory from publishers.

Header Bidding is available through the J Carter Prebid adapter. Every impression will receive a unique bid. Our method allows for a large community of buyers to instantly see the impression.

The flat-rate CPM solution can create predictable eCPMs and fill-rates. With a flat-rate CPM structure, publishers can plan and integrate this steady revenue stream with their existing in-house sales efforts. Through the use of passback tags, publishers will be able to monetize every impression.

The Dynamic CPM (dCPM) solution is a 100% fill option with a variable CPM rate. Publishers' long-tail display campaigns maintain high quality throughout a user's experience. Our experts monetize all the display inventory. This solution is usually best for the publisher with lots of page views that wants to take a less active role in ad sales. Publishers with a high amount of traffic will consider this option to be of great value as the variable rate can ebb and flow to heights substantially larger than a flat rate solution can. With the Dynamic CPM product publishers participate in market rate fluctuations.

The J Carter Marketing Open Marketplace is where advertisers hand pick sites to place their campaigns. Since this is first look and guaranteed impressions, publishers enjoy premium CPMs.

All publishers enjoy a variety of payment methods on Net 30 terms.

AdFrontiers by J Carter Marketing offers multiple options to suit any publisher.

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